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How to Choose Patio Deck Colors for Your Home

Posted on 22 March 2011

If you are in the process of deciding whether or not to add a patio deck to your home in Denver, there are many options that you have to consider. By making the decision to add a patio deck to your home, you are enabling yourself to more beautify your home and its exterior appeal, not to mention that in most cases adding a deck to any home will work to increase the overall value of the home, or the sitting equity that you have in your home.

One good rule of thumb – if you plan on hiring Denver deck builders – when it comes to choosing the colors that you desire for your deck, is to trust the advice of seasoned professionals, who specialize in building decks. However, in the end, the choice of deck color is up to you. Hopefully, these helpful tips should enable you to choose the most appropriate and visually appealing deck color for your new deck.

Decide What You’ll be Using Your Deck For

By knowing what materials you want to use for your deck, you can have a better idea of what deck colors you have to choose from. Before you can choose your color, you need to decide on materials. Foot traffic is something to consider. Do you want to use your deck for entertaining guests, like for cookouts and barbeques, or is just as a sunbathing deck to read a book on? Do you plan on having a hot tub on your deck? If so, you may want to veer away from tiles, which can be very slippery when wet. Does your deck connect to openings in your home, and if so, what are the color schemes of the flooring in your home?

Familiarize Yourself with Common Deck Materials

The deck builders you choose can offer you a list of popular material choices for your new deck. There are some materials to keep in mind when selecting color, however. A concrete deck can be painted, textured and stained in nearly endless varieties. A wood deck provides you with many different textures and grains and woods, as well as finishes that you can choose from. Then there are stones and tiles, which present another fine array of colors and textures, from marble to granite. Decide what materials you want for your deck so you can choose the color and texture or grain.

Determine the Surroundings of your Deck

Lastly, make sure that you select materials that will mesh well with the scheme of the rest of your home. Generally, deck builders can greatly assist you in deciding what materials work best with your existing home layout. Most people desire their decks to look like they are an extension of the home. Others like them to be a standout add-on that has some flare and panache. Yet some others prefer that the deck matches the themes of the interior of their home. No matter which way you decide to go with your decking, you’ll be certain to have an added and visually pleasing amenity that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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