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Attract Songbirds with your Trees

Posted on 26 January 2011

by Janine Buchal for the Landscape Network

You no longer have to whistle like a professional to attract lovely songbirds
to your yard. Attracting songbirds in Colorado can be as easy as what tree
you plant in your yard. Colorado provides a unique environment for up to 400
different species of birds. Many of these birds migrate through Colorado during
the fall. Many more live here year-round. Birds merely need shelter, food and

Larger trees like pine or firs that border property provide a safe haven for visiting
birds, escape from predators, winter shelter and summer nesting sites. Trees
that provide seeds, berries and sap are also just what our feathered friends are
seeking as well. .

Trees that will provide food and cover include many species of hawthorn, oak,
mountain ash, Rocky Mountain juniper, Austrian and pinyon pines, spruces,
firs, hackberries, mulberry, plums and flowering crabapples. Shrubs that will
provide food and cover include honeysuckles, snowberries, red and yellowtwig
dogwoods, sumacs, coralberries, serviceberries, chokecherries and a wide variety
of shrubby plums. Balsam fir and Beech trees provide shelter as do many other
tree varities.

It is important to provide some brush for smaller birds so hawks are unable to
prey upon them frequently. It all depends on the type of bird you are trying to
attract. Hundreds of books are available to assist with your yard layout or check
with your local garden center for their success stories.Bookmark and Share

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