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Budget Deck Building

Posted on 31 January 2011

by Jason Sanders for the Landscape Network

It’s always of a good mind to take into consideration the costs of building a deck. Tantamount to that would be some other things that you will want to know before building a deck. Here are some basic questions that you should ask yourself. Do you have the proper tools for the job? Do you know how to use the tools and build a high quality deck? Are you able to read deck building prints and follow them? And do you know if the region in which you live requires certain permits to build decks?

If you are not as inclined as you wish that you were, you can always contract the services of licensed deck builders that can easily help you design and build that dream deck for your home. Decks are seemingly simple to the eye, but they can be a bit complex to build, too. Since decks attach to the exterior of you home, many different tools are required. Usually these are tools that most people don’t happen to own. You can always rent many of the tools that you will need to build a deck at a local home improvement store, as well as being able to find the supplies that you will need to purchase in order to build that deck.Budget Deck Building

Summary of how pro deck builders build a deck:

The first thing that the deck builders do is drill holes in the ground for the footers of the deck. Then they fill up the footer holes with cement. They attach a ledger board so that they can connect the deck to the home. In order to ensure that the deck remains attached to the home, the deck builders use expansion bolts in the ledger boarding. After that, the next step is to add posts to the concrete footers so that they can begin framing the deck.

They use metal hangers on the framing so that the joints are firmly secured and remain in place. Using specially made fasteners they are able to secure the boarding to the deck. Last but not least, they add a custom railing for finishing touches. You can choose to add certain amenities to the final deck. For instance, adding a really nice hot tub to the deck can make it even more useful for soaking off the stress of the day. You can also add a nice bench or even a table. Some homeowners even like to add outdoor kitchens to their deck. Additionally, by adding a deck to your home you can actually increase the value of your home and your equity as well.
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