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How to hire a landscape contractor:

Posted on 23 April 2011

There are many things to factor in when deciding who should do your landscaping project.  Such things would consider the scope of work, the creativity involved, and the price point that you would like to stick with to get the work done.  Denver, Colorado, just like any big city, is full of landscaping companies that offer what may appear to be the same service.  However, this isn’t exactly the case.  The term landscaping is very broad, and can be applied to things as simple as pruning hedges to full blown design / build landscape projects.  When considering a company to do your landscaping project, it is usually an excellent idea to do some research.  In this day and age, the web gives us the reach to browse the majority of landscaping companies out there, and this is an excellent place to start your search for the right company.

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When looking for a landscape contractor, consider the following:

  1. The scope of work – if you are looking for something simple, such as minor existing landscape modifications, then you probably don’t need a company that is capable of delivering you a masterpiece.  If your project is simple, using a smaller company may be the wiser choice, as you will most likely pay a more reasonable price for the simple work you are looking for.  If you are looking for landscaping work that is more complex, it may make sense to find landscaping companies and landscape designers that are skilled at doing just that.  There is a great deal of craftsmanship that goes into a beautiful landscape, and not all of the companies that you run across will be capable of doing that.
  2. Interview a minimum of 3 companies based on the searches that you have run.  Picking 3 companies can give you the opportunity to narrow your search.  For simple and small projects, price is usually a larger determining factor, but you should always consider who you feel you will work best with and will deliver the results that you are looking for.
  3. Search for reviews on the companies you are considering. In this day and age, reviews are really the only thing on the internet that consumers can use to describe their experiences with companies that they have used for a landscaping project, or really any project for that matter.  Reviews are a good indication of how the company is going to handle your project, and if they have reviews on the internet, that is where you can tell what their reputation is like within the community.  Obviously, bad reviews are an indication that the company isn’t pleasing it’s customers.  Good reviews, obviously are an indication that the company does quite well, and no reviews is neither good or bad, however many good companies seek out good reviews to the customers that they try to please.
  4. Check References –  While referrals are a good indication of the company’s reputation, it is always wise to ask for a few referrals that you can personally verify to ensure that you will be receiving excellent customer service on your own project.  If the company does good work, then it will be easy to provide you with people that they have worked for in the past that were quite pleased.  If a company does not have any good referrals to provide you with, move onto another company.
  5. Receive Written Agreements – Any work that you ever have done on your home, not just landscaping, should come with a written agreement.  Written agreements detail everything that is contractually going to happen between you and your landscaper.  This is a safeguard for both parties because it is something to base your understanding off of.  The more detail a written agreement contains, the better the chances are of getting exactly what you want.  The more vague a written agreement is, the better your chances of having mis-understandings.  Any reputable, good contractor, of any type of service should always provide a written agreement.  Review any written agreements that you receive and be sure that you understand them completely.  If you do not, always ask your contractor to verify the details in the written agreement, and require that any additional details are written into the agreement.

Following these basic steps will ensure that you receive a rewarding experience when having landscape work done on your property instead of a nightmare of confusion and dissatisfaction.  While these may seem like extremely simple steps, they are well worth the process to ensure that you remain how you should be – happy.

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