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How to Choose a Landscape Contractor

Posted on 23 March 2011

Choosing a landscape architect to redesign your home’s front and backyard is a big decision, and in order to yield the results that you desire, it’s advisable that one takes their time when selecting the company or landscape contractor that they plan on hiring for the job. Since there are many different kinds of landscape designs that you can choose to implement to spice up the exterior appeal of your home, there are some prerequisite steps that should be taken when considering different landscape contractors to meet your needs and overall design goals. To better help you along the way, here are some candid tips that you can implement which should enable you to more easily choose the right landscape contractor or company for the job.

  1. Make sure that you shop around and take a look at several different landscape contractors so that you can get a good idea of what choices that you have. Most of these types of contractors specialize in different kinds of landscape design, and many offer pictures of projects – past and present – on their websites. Take your time and look around to find one that can design the landscape of your dreams.
  2. Read what other clients had to say about the contractor before you hire them for the job. Sometimes you can even find addresses of homes from happy customers, and it’s not a bad idea to drive past them to see for your own eyes what the finished product looks like.
  3. You can always find ample lists of landscape architects in the American Society of Landscape Architects Chapter, which may help you to better select one that is ideally suited for your project.
  4. Interview them for the job. A landscape design is a big project, and only the right company or contractor will do. Setup phone or in-person interviews with several that you think fit the bill, and then take your time to ask them important questions about your project. Also, make sure to check out their portfolios so you can see examples of past completed projects.
  5. Once you have decided upon a few different landscape contractors, setup times for them to come out and preview your home so they can write you estimates on your landscape design.
  6. When you have made a decision on the landscape contractor that you wish to use, make sure to get their quote and contract in writing, and ensure that it’s dated and signed. This way you can rest easy knowing that all of the areas of design have been covered and communicated between both parties.

Some contractors will need access for a tractor with pallet forks to get the supplies to the area where they are working.

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