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Is a Desert Landscape right for your Denver home?

Posted on 18 February 2011

Desert landscapes in Denver happen to be a very popular choice, especially among newer built homes in Denver and even many different remodels. Some people prefer a desert landscape because it has a very appealing aesthetic quality, look and feel to it. Whereas other people may prefer such a landscape because it truly augments the exterior look of their home and highlights the finer details of the workmanship, allowing stunning features to really shine through. Yet some other people enjoy a desert landscape because of the low cost of maintenance and the ease at which they can have one installed into their home’s yard. Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular reasons for seeking a desert landscape in Denver, Colorado and see if one may be right for your home.

  1. Easy to install and many options to choose from. There are so many desert plants and different types of bushes, cacti, plants and even trees that you can choose from when considering adding a desert landscape to your home that the options are nearly open and endless. Unlike a traditional grass lawn, a desert landscape opens up an array of different options that can really put your home under the community spotlight.
  2. Desert landscapes require far less watering. Since the plants, bushes, trees and cacti that are used when designing a desert landscape area all native desert plants, they require far less watering weekly. When you factor these costs over the course of a year, the savings can truly add up to something more than significant. This can save you some serious money annually from your utility bill.
  3. Palm trees come in all shapes and sizes, they are easy to maintain and you can illuminate them brilliantly in your front and backyard. It’s hard not to like palm trees. They suffer from few diseases, they require very little water, they are very inexpensive to trim and maintain, and you can decorate them with Xmas lights during the holidays and place strategic flood lights at the bases of them to really make your yard look attractive.
  4. Less maintenance overall and greater savings on landscaping services. A great advantage to desert landscapes is that they are also very cost effective to maintain overall. Most often your landscaping service will only need to visit your home a few times per month, and their time spent servicing your yard is also greatly reduced. This equates to greater annual savings for you while getting to enjoy a wonderful looking yard.
  5. They are a great way to change things up. Sometimes the same looking yard year after year can become boring. Some people enjoy adding a desert landscape in Denver to their home just for a change of pace, look and appeal. This is more commonly seen when a homeowner decides to remodel their home. Adding such a unique landscape to your home can really work to change things up for you. Even if you are not remodeling your home, try taking a short neighborhood drive and checking out other homes that have this landscape. You may just decide that it’s what you have been looking for all along.

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