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Four Easy Ways to Kill Weeds

Posted on 18 February 2011

Weeds can be a very pesky irritant for any person who has a green thumb and is growing a home garden in Denver, or for any person who cares for their own lawn and does not rely upon a landscaping service monthly. Weeds come in many different varieties, and currently there are more than 250 different types of weeds that grow in Denver. Needless to say, that anywhere that you have soil, moisture, sunlight and water – such as rain – weeds are able to grow. Weeds most often grow because other nearby weeds, such as the weeds growing in your alleyway, pollinated and the seeds were carried by the wind to your lawn or garden. Over just the period of a few days, you can see the sprouts of these weeds poking through the ground. However, there are some very effective ways that you can kill weeds in Denver. Here are few helpful tips.

  1. Try using a variety of different herbicides. Herbicides have become very advanced over the past few years, and they now make plenty of different ones that will kill weeds in Denver. Make sure to check the packaging so that you know which one will work best for your lawn or garden. They even make hose attachment weed killers that you simply attach to your nozzle and spray the affected areas with. Usually you will want to keep any pets off your lawn until the herbicides have fully dried (about an hour after spraying).
  2. Pulling weeds is a tried and true, and generally very effective method of eliminating weeds that are growing in your lawn or in your garden. When you are pulling weeds in Denver, there are a few tips that can be shared. One, always wear gardening gloves so that you can protect your hands, as some weeds may be spiny and can create microscopic incisions in your hands otherwise. Secondly, when pulling weeds, assure that you pull the weed out by the root, this way it won’t grow back again.
  3. An old time 50s trick that can allow for you avoid having to use your hands to pull out tough and firmly rooted weeds is by using a simple electronic hand drill to do most of the work for you. You will need a drill that has a battery pack on it so that you can carry it with you around your yard or garden to attack weeds. You simply place the drill bit above where the weed is growing and near the base of the weed. Drill gently for a few seconds and it will naturally uproot the weed for you.
  4. There are some organic and natural weed killing solutions for you that can be offered as well. One method involves mixing about four cups of water with five or six tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in a large spray bottle. Finely mist the weeds that are growing in your yard daily for five days and the alcohol will kill the weeds. You can also try gently pouring boiling water on the weeds, which will kill them instantly. Be careful when doing this so that you don’t spill the water on any other nearby plants or lawn, as it will kill them as well.

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