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Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Posted on 16 February 2011

by Janine Buchal for the Landscape Network

An optimal time to maintain the lawn is actually before winter seriously sets in. Taking several easy steps could prepare your lawn for an amazing start in the spring.  Grab the kids or a favorite neighbor and make an afternoon of it, you will not regret the results.

Watering the lawn before the first freeze is often helpful in preparing the grass for better growth. Watering helps set the pace for

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Fertilizing your lawn before Winter brings green in the summer

activating the fertilizer once temperatures improve. Fertilizing is key. Grass stores up nutrients in the root system over the winter and will release when the warmer temperatures arrive.  Rake and remove large objects from your lawn, such as logs and bricks. Once the snow falls, these objects can damage the lawn and make for a difficult repair. Patchy lawn color can result and disease may set in, if removal of large objects from the lawn are not taken seriously.  Aeration is greatly under estimated and under utilized. It allows for more effective fertilization, better air and water circulation and an overall healthier lawn in the spring.

Simple lawn maintenance can truly make the difference in getting a jump-start for a healthier and easier start to a nice spring lawn. We all admire a nicely kept and maintained lawn and by following these steps, you can achieve the lawn you aspire to have this year.

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