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Rocky Mountain Siding

Posted on 01 April 2011

Although there are zillions of siding options for the home, an incredibly popular, aesthetically pleasing and rich choice is rock or stone. To improve your landscape and adopt a Colorado rock theme, rock and stone can be added to the front of your home or exclusively around the entryway.

True stone siding can be installed with the use of mortar directly onto the exterior of the home. For those with more renovation experience, this can be a “do it yourself” project; however, there are many companies available to help with design, materials and labor. Stone finishes can be added to the entirety of the exterior to provide a rustic and beautiful permanency. For a ranch home, the stone finish would classically only be applied to the entrance. Many options are available and can be discuss with your landscape designer

Taste and trends change in time and architectural styles are revisited and reinvented. Stone veneer draws inspiration from leading architects and designers in the industry to bring their visions to life in stone siding.  Statistically, a homes value can be increased exponentially with the addition of rock or stone accents. The accent of rock or stone often adds amazing value to your overall landscape and complete home plan.

Insulation and protection from the elements are two more solid factors to consider when adding rock or stone accents to your home.  This additional insulation can help save energy in your home by naturally decreasing heating and cooling costs. Low maintenance and upkeep are also added bonuses when making rock or stone your choice for siding.

Simulated stone and faux rock panel siding are other options to discuss. It is not only cost effective, but lighter and offers the same protection to the home. Rock panels are designed with an interlocking tongue and groove with ship lap edges that hide all mechanical fasteners so that no caulk or paint is necessary.   Some panels are manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane and are combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors for added protection not available with traditional sidings. In addition, siding panels are waterproof, fade-proof and impervious to warping, cracks, or settling often associated with other types of siding.

Faux rock or stone siding is environmentally friendly and does not tax natural resources.

In fact, the procedure of harvesting rock, clay and stone materials is very harmful to the environment. This damage is increased once you realize quarrying, transporting and processing these raw stone materials demands a significant amount of energy and resources.  Faux products replicate the look of natural or cultured rock and stone so well and can add visual appeal to any structure without causing the environmental stress that comes from the process of harvesting natural stone.

Whether your siding choice is traditional or more trendy, real or faux, stone and rock siding certainly adds a low maintenance option, beautiful appeal, increased resale value as well as added protection for your home and its precious contents.  Stone siding has increased over 30% in recent years as the siding of choice amonst our fellow Coloradoans.  See for yourself as you take your next drive or walk through the neighborhood.

Written by, Janine Buchal  April 2011

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