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The Feng Shui of Water Features

Posted on 3 March 2011 | No responses

To be a true Coloradoan, you must love water. Recreating a natural water scene truly adds to a home.  In Feng Shui terms, water features allow for peaceful relaxation, provide balance and harmony, and enhance positive energy. Water features are a nice way to bring a natural element closer to your home.

Whether a water fall, koi pond, fountain or water sculpture, these unique creations allow for lovely aesthetic ambiance in the home, on the outdoor patio or as part of the garden.  Incredible texture is created in a relaxing oasis for entertaining and it can be a great way to enjoy nature.

Water fountains are among the most popular of water features found in gardens. They can be made from stone, wood, bamboo, slate and copper. Most often, outdoor fountains and water features are created to balance ones relationship and appreciation for nature and are placed on the south or east side of the house. Although placement of a water feature depends on the desired affect, never place two water features on either side of the entrance, as it is thought to be bad luck according to Feng Shui beliefs. Instead, consider the size, the space available and sound produced.  Bedrooms are a bad idea for water features as they can produce worry in this setting. Also, they are not seen as often as in a living area, den, bathroom or outdoors.

Outdoor waterfalls coexist in harmony with the landscape adding only a few rocks, boulders, plants and foliage for color and texture. Some irrigation companies also install water features within a rock garden setting.  Indoor water walls are used to create an exciting focal point in a space.  When well lit , they create amazing ambiance. Indoor water walls can be assembled by yourself. Many are made from cooper screen, stainless steel, glass or corian.  Water walls create a welcoming feature to a home and alongside a fireplace create a unique combination of soothing elements.

Approaching placement of water features with a Feng Shui focus can simplify as well as balance a final look of a space.  It will give you guidance of where to start and perhaps even bestow good fortune.

Written by Janine Buchal


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Raised Garden Beds

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An inexpensive way to build your own raised garden is to use recycled rail ties. They create the edging needed to maintain a garden and nestle nicely into a hillside or slopping space.  They also look great and are efficient at keeping out some small animals as well as keeping in vegetable vines or ground cover flowers. Many landscapers can also assist you with a raised garden bed design. Call and ask for a free quote.  Keep in mind the size, shape, space and material you may like to utilize.

Raised gardens can also be made by stacking brick or rock. They fill in easily with top soil to your desired height.  These type allow for a natural look and great drainage.  Flowers blossom well and are easily maintained. Plants are easily cared for in a raised garden bed; after all, there is less stooping and bending.  It is much easier to reach the entire garden for weeding, watering and planting. No one will argue about how convenient it is to get out and garden all season long.

Level an area and stack patio block or rock to form your desired shape. Space so no big gaps appear that soil will fall through. Good drainage is built into this design as it has plenty of room for water to soak through. This is an easy “Do It Yourself” project and very inexpensive.

Kits are available to assist, if you work better from a design rather than creating your own.  Metal corner fasteners are included to secure the edges and nicely enclose the garden contents. Raised bed garden kits range in price from $50 to $500 depending on the size and material.

Raised garden beds are commonly used for a condensed vegetable garden. You may also consider a unique shaped herb garden which will become the focal point of any landscape.  Star, oval and eye shaped beds have replaced the traditional rectangle or circular flower bed these days.  Wooden framed garden beds are available as well and work into many landscapes as pictured above.

Written by Janine Buchal, 3/2011

Fabulous Fencing Options

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Have you ever heard of a fence without nails? Yes, that is correct. A fence built without using any nails or other hardware, is possible. Split rail fences are typically produced from rough sawed cedar and are split lengthwise into rails. Typically used for agricultural barriers, but more commonly, they are used for decorative residencial fencing.  

Split rail fencing is a trendy design sought out for its simple construction, western look, ability to gently define property boundaries and because they are ideal to build into hard or rocky ground, such as we have in Colorado.

Split rail fencing is usefu for managing livestock and horses, as well. Throughout Colorado, cedar is used as the idea wood choice but more affordable options are available as well. This rustic western look is found throughout the front range as a practical, durable and creative fencing alternative.

Vinyl fencing can also be utilized when a home owner is particular about privacy. This style is seen in more traditional but modern home settings with pools, small animals or kids.  It has proven to be very durable, washable and still decorative to the surrounding community.

Many HOAs allow vinyl fencing as their fence of choice.  Here are some of the best reasons to go vinyl:

  • Low Maintenance – never have to repaint or repair
  • Affordability – lower cost than other options and can be assembled yourself, if desired
  • Durability – withstands Colorado weathering
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Electric Dog Fencing is very common and completely seemless, in fact, they are invisible.  Ideal for keeping your dog in and away from danger. No need to alter your landscape. They are electric and can be installed wirelessly.

Iron Fencing is another option. More stylish and an entirely different ornamental look and feel can be obtained when using wrought iron.  This style is often used when a gate is needed. Metal fences are the most durable fence option but it is also the most expensive.

Installing a fence can either be a “Do It Yourself” project or one to hand off to a contractor. When hiring a contactor, keep in mind, often times they will supply their own materials. Depending on the contractor, it might make more sense for you to supply your own materials to save on cost of materials or to ensure your hand picked quality.

Regardless of your yard, there are many fabulous fencing options. Keep in mind the aethetics, the purpose, and your budget and it can be an easy choice to make that may even enhance your landscape.

Written By – Janine Buchal, March, 2011

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Is an Outdoor Kitchen in the Works for You?

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Have you ever looked at your backyard and wondered what else you could do to make it more refined and elegant looking? Have you ever wondered if there was a crucial piece missing to the aesthetic puzzle that could allow for you to truly add some panache and flare to your already gorgeous backyard?

This is a common thought that crosses the minds of many different people when they are considering adding some external amenities to their home. Of course, there are some other questions that also factor into this equation. Things like, what type of external amenities do you desire, and are they purely aesthetic or do you wish for them to also play a more practical role for you; like things you would use more often and that you could enjoy with your family and friends, such as an in ground pool or an outdoor kitchen.

Many homeowners in Denver that are looking to spice up their homes often consider adding outdoor kitchens to their backyards. An outdoor kitchen has many benefits that you can immediately realize. For one, you can easily find a plethora of experienced outdoor kitchen installers that can aid you in the designing of your own custom outdoor kitchen. Additionally, you have plenty of options to choose from as far as materials are concerned, the finish, the placement and the variety of features you can choose to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. No matter what kind of architectural styling your home features, an outdoor kitchen can be a very unique amenity that you can add that not only add some value and equity to your home, but that can also enable you to enjoy a fully equipped outdoor kitchen that you can use for years to come, well into the future.

If you are considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, here are some things that you will want to keep in mind when contacting different outdoor kitchen installers.

  1. What is your budget for the outdoor kitchen, and is it feasible?
  2. What types of materials do you desire for your outdoor kitchen? Most outdoor kitchen installers can easily apprise you of the many different materials that are used for building outdoor kitchens; one of the more affordable options include cinder blocks that are coated in stucco, which tend to last very long and are formidable to the elements and changing seasons in Denver.
  3. Where do you wish to have your outdoor kitchen built? Many homeowners prefer it to be located near their pool, and many times they wish to have fully functional sinks in their outdoor kitchens, which requires that they be located near to a plumbing line.
  4. What type of grill do you want in your outdoor kitchen? The most popular are weather-resistant stainless steel grills that have four burners.
  5. Do you want a small fridge in your outdoor kitchen, or a built-in keg or beer cooler?

These are just but a few of the questions that you should want to ask any outdoor kitchen installers that you intend to contract to build your outdoor kitchen. By preparing yourself with important questions ahead of time, you can ensure that your outdoor kitchen will be as magnificent as you have envisioned it being when it’s been fully completed.

Why Landscape Maintenance Services Make Sense

Posted on 23 February 2011 | No responses

Our homes are a place of comfort, solitude and refuge from the rest of the world. They are the place that we look forward to coming back home to after a long day of working hard. There is much meaning that can be attributed to the old time saying, “Home sweet home.” Our homes are where we sleep, where we eat, where we raise our families and where we entertain our guests. A well kept home is something that we are proud of and something that we strive to keep.

One of the most noticeable amenities of any home is easily the landscaping. Whenever we drive passed a home that has poorly kept landscaping, often many of us size it up in our head. We wonder how beautiful that home could be if the landscaping was being properly maintained. And for homes that are located in the communities that we live in, we generally wish for all of them to have well kept landscaping that is pleasing to the eyes.

Landscaping, while seemingly simple at heart, is actually a rather complex process that involves many different metrics in order to maintain a yard properly, especially in seasonal cities like Denver. Since there are four seasons in Denver, this can affect what plants thrive during certain season and which ones don’t; which adversely can affect the appeal and look of your landscaping. Additionally, maintaining seasonal plants properly can change during different times of the year, as far as watering schedules and pruning are concerned and so forth. Even our lawns change seasonally, and different schedules for taking care of them properly need to be set into place in order to assure that our landscape is as presentable as is possible.

When you factor these equations, one must also include the amount of personal time that landscape maintenance takes, as well as the numerous tools that will be required in order to properly care for a yard. When all is said and done, it can add up to be a rather large list of the hours that you must spend weekly performing various landscaping duties, the costs of equipment and their maintenance and any costs of maintaining things like the irrigation in your yard, trimming bushes or trees, spraying for weeds and so forth.

This is why many homeowners seek out qualified and experienced landscape maintenance services in Denver. The good news is that you have plenty of different services to choose from and they all can offer you quote on the monthly cost of service for your yard. Some things that you will want to compare if you are thinking of doing it on your own would be the value of your time versus the costs of the service. In most cases you will find that utilizing such a landscaping maintenance service makes a lot of good sense.

As opposed to having to do yard work several hours on your days off or after work, you can relax and not have to fret over it, and instead enjoy a beautiful and well kept yard. You also won’t have to try and figure out how to set watering times, or know what plants need what water, fertilizer or pruning when. Rather, you can take these burdens off your shoulders and leave them to the caring expertise of professionals, who will strive diligently to keep your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Also keep in mind that RepairStorm has the software you need for your repair shop.

10 Reasons to Consider Adding a Deck to Your Home

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If you are truly seeking to make your home more beatific and illustrious, sometimes it’s a good plan to start with the exterior of your home. Certainly, for the conscious homeowner, they are always doing their best to maintain their home; inclusive of the interior and the exterior, things like up keeping the paint, the trim, moldings, carpeting and tile flooring, roofing, windows and so much more. However, when it comes time to consider adding more external amenities to your home, there are lots of options that you have.

By adding a new deck to your home, you can not only enhance the look and feel, and the warmth and the ambience of it, but you can also enjoy that new deck that you just added for many years to come. Much like the above picture that you see of a home with just a simple and modest deck added to it, as you can tell, it really does wonders for enhancing an otherwise seemingly normal residence. Now the homeowner has a place of solace, a place where they can relax and enjoy the sunrise – or the sunset – and a nice added amenity that can be enjoyed during all seasons of the year.

As if that weren’t enough to convince you, here are 10 more reasons to consider adding a deck to your home.

  1. You can easily design your own customized and beautiful deck by contacting deck builders in your area and getting started on your project.
  2. Thanks to state-of-the-art computer software, in some cases you can even design how you envision your deck to look using your home computer; then you just print the plans and hire a deck builder to take it from there and make your project a reality.
  3. Imagine having that extra place in your home where you can sunbath, watch the sunrise or sunset, or even just escape to your favorite book on your days off from work.
  4. In most cases, by adding a deck to your home you can actually increase the value of your home, or add to the amount of equity that you have in it.
  5. Some people like to build decks that have Jacuzzi tubs on them for hot tub fun times. Can you imagine having friends over and enjoying their company while getting a great soak?
  6. Barbequing taken to the next level. Nothing screams a good barbeque than a well built deck and a four burner gas grill. Sports will never be the same again.
  7. Outdoor meals. Sure, it’s great to dine in the kitchen or in the dinner room, but what about enjoying that fine spring evening breeze with a meal on your brand new deck?
  8. Decks don’t take that long to build or construct, and you can easily get a solid estimate on the time from a deck builder. In a matter of weeks you could be enjoying your brand new deck, and for many years to come, too.
  9. Most deck builders will provide you with a free quote. Then you can compare prices to get the best deal on your new deck.
  10. While a deck doesn’t add countable square footage to your home, it adds that personal space that you can enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Concrete Contractors Can Beautify Your Driveway & Home

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Let’s face it, while long lasting and very durable and resilient to the weather and other elements, the concrete that is used to pave our driveways, walkways and even the stucco around our homes can experience some wear and tear over time. Nasty cracks can start to form in the concrete that can worsen and gradually spread, making it necessary to repair it or to replace it after so many years have gone by. If you have taken a look at your driveway, walkway, stucco coated block wall or anything else in your home that has concrete and felt it was demurring to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, it may be time to pick up the phone and call in the experts: Concrete Contractors.

Driveways have many different options now, thanks to technology. You can ask the concrete contractors you contact for different ideas. Keep in mind that newer finishes, like sand finishes and even stained driveways, are not uncommon and are very popular and appealing to the eyes. You can even opt for stamped concrete, which can be used in driveways and in walkways. Stamped concrete can be made to look nearly like anything that you could ever imagine, from faux brick walkways all the way to cobblestone, the sky is quite literally the limit here. When it comes to stucco coating, you also have a wide array of options, all the way down to how the stucco is stained, and some concrete contractors can even add intricate details to the stucco. creating even more appeal to the walls that surround your home. You can always opt for crack filling and staining to repair a driveway or wall as well.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Installers

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If you have decided to add the amenity of an outdoor kitchen to your home, it can be a really wise choice. An outdoor kitchen easily replaces any barbeque that you currently own and are using with a more reliable and amenity-rich means of cooking outdoors. Many people enjoy using outdoor kitchens because they allow for them to more easily host get-togethers while being able to manage cooking the delicious foods that they want to serve for their guests.

There are some other identifiable advantages to having an outdoor kitchen installed in your home. For example, by adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, you can usually increase the value of your home, essentially boosting the equity of it. But you’ll also be installing a very useful cooking setup that you will get to enjoy for many years to come. Of course, when considering different outdoor kitchen installers, there are some things that you will want to ponder – details if you will, or questions that you should ask yourself – prior to having that brand new outdoor kitchen installed.

1. What kind of outdoor kitchen do you wish to have installed? They can vary in size and features, which will obviously impact the cost of having them built. It’s wise to look around online to find different ideas prior to having the kitchen built.
2. What type of materials do you wish to have used for building your outdoor kitchen? Some longer lasting materials include cinder blocks and stucco, which are both cost effective and weather resistant.
3. How are you going to compare different outdoor kitchen installers? You should try to find a few, and get a quote from each one so that you can find the best deal for your project.
4. Where in your backyard are you planning on having the outdoor kitchen installed? Keep in mind that you will want to take some measurements so that you can get an idea of where it would fit and look the best.
5. Have you decided on the size of the barbeque that you want in your outdoor kitchen yet? There are many sizes to choose from. A common and popular size happens to be a four burner gas grill, most often made from attractive stainless steel.
6. Have you considered whether or not you want a fully operational sink in your outdoor kitchen? If so, there are some other things to think about, such as how much the plumbing will cost you, and if any permits will be required to add the plumbing to your outdoor kitchen.
7. Do you want a fridge in your outdoor kitchen? Many people who own outdoor kitchens decide to add medium to smaller fridges that are built right into them. This allows for the chilling of beer and other beverages, and the easy storing and marinating of meats prior to grilling them.
8. Could you spice up your outdoor kitchen by adding a bar? In more extravagant outdoor kitchens, bars are built into them. This can up the costs of building the outdoor kitchen. But can you imagine having a built in keg chiller, where you can serve your best buddies a fresh and ice cold draft beer while you are grilling on a Saturday afternoon and watching a top-rated game of college football?

Seasonal Color

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By Margaret Sass – July 8th, 2007- For Landscape Network

A great feature of our yards is the ability to transform with the seasons giving us an exciting splash of changing color and adding interest into what would otherwise be a predictable yard. Perennials are a key component to a yard that changes color over throughout the seasons. Evergreens are also a key component to giving some stability to the look of our landscaping throughout the year. Annuals will bring the bright, exciting summer-time color to our landscapes and give us the ability to control the color layout each year. Plantings are an exciting component to our landscaping and they give us the chance to decorate our outdoors with our choice colors.

Some things we learn in life, we don’t always immediately connect with other things that may apply. Sometimes it becomes clearer over time that their relevance can be applied to many other things. My mother still to this day maintains her garden, and it has grown to be quite large. Last year she had a company come and expand her garden so that she can have even more vegetables that she uses as a topic of conversation with her friends and the neighbors that she shares them with. It is truly one of her favorite pastimes that I get to share with her and my children. We always look forward to being able to visit her. We never get tired of spending time in her yard and enjoying her great displays of color.

Many gardeners enjoy annual gardens because it gives them a chance to always have a changing annual display every year, and some of the annuals they will use as cuttings for displays inside of their homes. Although annuals are short lived, their explosive color and beautiful appeal to a garden are almost a necessity. A very common annual found in landscapes is the petunia. Petunias grow to fill in areas with dense varying color and can give your yard an extreme color appeal. Wave petunias are known for their ability to spread as they grow and cover a wide area. Petunias will need sufficient sunlight to flower and do not do well in shaded areas, so be sure to plant in areas of your landscape that are full sun. Petunias can be planted at the base of another larger potted plant, to drape over the edges and provide a nice colorful border to the larger plant.

Some people opt not to use annuals in their landscape for a simple over-looked reason. Annuals require daily water, as they are small plants that soak up the hot sun. Many homeowners and landscaping companies overlook setting up the irrigation system to handle annual plantings. Having your annuals on their own zone will give you the ability to control their watering independently from other trees and shrubs, which do not require daily watering. Irrigation contractors can install annual irrigation areas, commonly with microspray nozzles which area easily removed and adjusted as the annuals grow. While to add a seperate zone can be somewhat costly ($350-$850), the ability to plant your flowers and virtually forget the watering is well worth the cost.

Four Easy Ways to Kill Weeds

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Weeds can be a very pesky irritant for any person who has a green thumb and is growing a home garden in Denver, or for any person who cares for their own lawn and does not rely upon a landscaping service monthly. Weeds come in many different varieties, and currently there are more than 250 different types of weeds that grow in Denver. Needless to say, that anywhere that you have soil, moisture, sunlight and water – such as rain – weeds are able to grow. Weeds most often grow because other nearby weeds, such as the weeds growing in your alleyway, pollinated and the seeds were carried by the wind to your lawn or garden. Over just the period of a few days, you can see the sprouts of these weeds poking through the ground. However, there are some very effective ways that you can kill weeds in Denver. Here are few helpful tips.

  1. Try using a variety of different herbicides. Herbicides have become very advanced over the past few years, and they now make plenty of different ones that will kill weeds in Denver. Make sure to check the packaging so that you know which one will work best for your lawn or garden. They even make hose attachment weed killers that you simply attach to your nozzle and spray the affected areas with. Usually you will want to keep any pets off your lawn until the herbicides have fully dried (about an hour after spraying).
  2. Pulling weeds is a tried and true, and generally very effective method of eliminating weeds that are growing in your lawn or in your garden. When you are pulling weeds in Denver, there are a few tips that can be shared. One, always wear gardening gloves so that you can protect your hands, as some weeds may be spiny and can create microscopic incisions in your hands otherwise. Secondly, when pulling weeds, assure that you pull the weed out by the root, this way it won’t grow back again.
  3. An old time 50s trick that can allow for you avoid having to use your hands to pull out tough and firmly rooted weeds is by using a simple electronic hand drill to do most of the work for you. You will need a drill that has a battery pack on it so that you can carry it with you around your yard or garden to attack weeds. You simply place the drill bit above where the weed is growing and near the base of the weed. Drill gently for a few seconds and it will naturally uproot the weed for you.
  4. There are some organic and natural weed killing solutions for you that can be offered as well. One method involves mixing about four cups of water with five or six tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in a large spray bottle. Finely mist the weeds that are growing in your yard daily for five days and the alcohol will kill the weeds. You can also try gently pouring boiling water on the weeds, which will kill them instantly. Be careful when doing this so that you don’t spill the water on any other nearby plants or lawn, as it will kill them as well.

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