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Annuals for Sun

Posted on 16 January 2011

While there are many annuals available to us in Colorado, there are certain types that need to get full sun and will only thrive if they receive full sun. This video details which types of annuals to use in the Denver area, and what type of landscape maintenance to use for your annual gardens. Annuals are the big “pop” of any landscape, and keeping them well maintained will keep them looking their best. Choose the right kind of fertilizer and your annuals will bloom and blossom all season and sometimes into the late season if the Denver weather permits it.

This video details some of the types of full sun annuals that will thrive in the full sun of your landscaping and make your yard stick out from the rest. Watch what happens – it’s called “keeping up with the Joneses'” factor – once your yard fills up with annuals, you’ll slowly watch a portion of the neighbors on the block pull up and unload annuals and plants into their front yard as well. Nice way to spruce up the block!!

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