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Five Great Plants to grow in Denver

Posted on 15 January 2011

The city of Denver, Colorado is a seasonal setting that has four different

seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. When choosing what plants to grow in Denver, you always want to make sure that you make your selections carefully so that you don’t spend your time and money buying plants that may not take to the soil, or plants that will die off soon after you plant them. However, there are some great plants to grow in Denver that will take to the climate and seasons, and even if they die off during the wintertime, they will assuredly grow back during the warmer spring and summer months. Here’s a list of five plants to grow in Denver that can really add some flare and a homely touch to your residence.

Starburst Ice Plant

The starburst ice plant is a great plant to grow in Denver. This plant is a very beautiful plant that has very bright and pink flowers with a metal-like glint on the petals, and is a very attractive plant that can really add some color to your front yard. The Starburst Ice Plant takes full bloom by mid-June and last until about the middle of the fall. It only requires moderate soil and temperatures, and grows up four inches tall and between 6-10 inches wide.

Lavender Mist Sun Daisy

This plant is a very ornate plant that features oblong leave with decent-sized flowers that can be as much as three inches in width. The heads of the flowers are white, but when the flowers bloom and open they are deep and beautiful lavender. The Lavender Mist Sun Daisy grows in moderation temperature between April and September, and requires daily watering and half-sun/half-shade for proper growth.

Colorado Gold Hardy Gazania

This beautiful and native plant features large and high-glossed mounds of strap leaves that are a deep green. During the warmer months when it blooms – from spring through the autumn – three inch flower heads open that are a classic deep yellow gold color. The Colorado Gold Hardy Gazania grows to about three inches tall and ten inches wide, and requires moderate soil and even sun and shade for proper growth.

Pink Crystals Ruby Grass

This native Rocky Mountain grass is indigenous to the mountainous regions of Colorado, but can also be found in and around Denver and its surrounding regions. It’s a preferred grass for bedding because it thrives in moderate soil and temperatures.

Pink Crystals Ruby Grass is appropriately named because its bright ruby flowers with a silver lining that blooms during the warmer months.

Purple Mountain Sun Daisy

This gorgeous plant features flowers that look very similar to daisies and grows from around mid-April until the end of the summertime, and is a great seasonal flower to plant in your front or your back yard. This flower is not native to Denver or to Colorado and is actually a transplant that was imported from the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. When in full bloom, the name is very suiting; the flowers are a deep purple and this plant also features desirable and elegant-looking mat bedding.

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