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Gardening for Life

Posted on 15 January 2011

by Jessica Brandt for the Landscape Network

July 12, 2006

Shrubs play a key role in defining our seasonal color,

as they are the backdrop of our color palette that give us consistent color, size and shape, for which we can align our other colors. Evergreens provide us with the other aspect of our color palette – year round presence. All combined, we can create our landscapes to be changing year after year with a new and exciting look.


Garden Installation in Washington Park - Denver, Colorado

Potted plants are special to our landscapes, because they can provide us with plantings that otherwise wouldn’t survive in our landscapes. Any landcape can be given a different feel with trees and plants from different hardiness zones. An otherwise evergreen and native landscape in Colorado could display a tropical feel with potted plants and trees from tropical regions. It’s how we combine our planting options that can give our yard a new excitement every year.
Sometimes in life, we need simple things to make us think about our lives here. I will always be grateful that gardening is something that we get to share together.

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