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Hardy Colorado Annuals

Posted on 17 February 2011

by Janine Buchal for the Landscape Network

Withstanding gusty winds, drastic and often sudden temperature fluctuations, and intense sun due to altitude, is a tall order for a plant that needs to be replanted annually. Gardners and landscapers alike hope that annuals not only last the season but flourish in our Colorado gardens. Here are some potential choices for annuals that consistently withstand the test of Colorado time.

Because the summer winds are very drying, low-growing, shade-loving annual plants do exceptionally well in Colorado. Annuals like impatiens, begonias, coleus and lobelia will bloom in brilliant colors in a shade garden. Being mindful of planting out of the windy areas of your yard will give annuals a more hopeful future and a longer blooming season.

Some hardier annual plants include: rose bush varietals, petunia, marigold, salvia, pansy, snapdragon, verbena and dahlia. These anuals do well in direct sun ;however, remember to water often so your garden receives enough moisture to keep flowers vibrant. Garden center experts can assist you with selecting successful plants that are in abundance this year.

Colorado State University’s hybrid annuals named, “All American Selections” are grown dedicated to quality testing and recommended as the cream of the crop of plants for gardens in N. America.  Specifically, they are tested and grown from seed to give best results and have become notable as hardy new varietals. This year’s interesting varietals include: “Gaillardia Arizona Apricot”, “Ornamental Glamour Red Kale,” and “Salvia Summer Jewel Red,” amongst others.  These annuals offer interesting color, texture, and would look especially nice along with tall grasses or smaller ground cover in any annual garden.

Rather than succumbing to the daunting task of designing and managing the upkeep of new annuals this spring, hire a garden designer from your local garden center or search the options on Denver Landscape Network’s website. Planning your garden ahead of time will help you organize the look, the bloom schedule and your budget.

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