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Raised Garden Beds

Posted on 03 March 2011

An inexpensive way to build your own raised garden is to use recycled rail ties. They create the edging needed to maintain a garden and nestle nicely into a hillside or slopping space.  They also look great and are efficient at keeping out some small animals as well as keeping in vegetable vines or ground cover flowers. Many landscapers can also assist you with a raised garden bed design. Call and ask for a free quote.  Keep in mind the size, shape, space and material you may like to utilize.

Raised gardens can also be made by stacking brick or rock. They fill in easily with top soil to your desired height.  These type allow for a natural look and great drainage.  Flowers blossom well and are easily maintained. Plants are easily cared for in a raised garden bed; after all, there is less stooping and bending.  It is much easier to reach the entire garden for weeding, watering and planting. No one will argue about how convenient it is to get out and garden all season long.

Level an area and stack patio block or rock to form your desired shape. Space so no big gaps appear that soil will fall through. Good drainage is built into this design as it has plenty of room for water to soak through. This is an easy “Do It Yourself” project and very inexpensive.

Kits are available to assist, if you work better from a design rather than creating your own.  Metal corner fasteners are included to secure the edges and nicely enclose the garden contents. Raised bed garden kits range in price from $50 to $500 depending on the size and material.

Raised garden beds are commonly used for a condensed vegetable garden. You may also consider a unique shaped herb garden which will become the focal point of any landscape.  Star, oval and eye shaped beds have replaced the traditional rectangle or circular flower bed these days.  Wooden framed garden beds are available as well and work into many landscapes as pictured above.

Written by Janine Buchal, 3/2011

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