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Thrilling Results with a Tomato Trellis

Posted on 14 March 2011

Tomatoes are traditionally grown using stakes or even tomato cages.  Stakes often break in the wind and require tying the plant. Cages make is difficult to prune the tomato plant as it grows.  So why not try a trellis?

There are several advantages to using a tomato trellis. The trellis allows good air circulation around the foliage, helping it dry out between waterings. It also allows for maximum sun as the plant grows vertically. Not the least of which, becomes fewer hiding places for pests. It will also be easier to prune suckers and  pick your harvest.

As a common practice at many greenhouse, growing tomatoes on a vertical string, is also an option. It makes sense. Wrapping a vine around a string already in place is faster than tying a plant to a stake. The strings also make it easier to keep track of the suckers that will need pruning.  Less vine and plant damage tends to occur. Chicken wire fencing is often used as well.

A unique and successful new trellis is the “A frame” which allows for maximum use of garden space, great sun exposure, an enormous space for tomato vine to run, and ease of harvesting. In addition, they are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be quite portable.

Great results have been produced using this form of trellis with higher than average tomato yields, more even coloring of the tomato and less bug or pest infestation.

Flat metal trellis’ are also an option.  The same type used for clematis or other plant vines can be utilized for good tomato plant production. This type does not require as much space as they typically stand less than two feet tall yet still helps hold the plant upward for maximum sun exposure.

Similar to most planting, trellis use depends on the amount of space the gardener has to utilize. If you choose the vertical option, your space is practically endless. Trellis use clearly allows for more organization within the garden, more definition of soil, less competetion amongst other plants for well spaced roots and plants.

Having home grown tomatos in late summer is a great feeling. Somehow they even seem to taste better. Knowing your garden is set up for optimal production is also helpful.  Tomatos are one of the easiest plants to see great results from and using a trellis can certain have many benefits.

Written by, Janine Buchal, March 2011

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