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Tropical Plants in your Denver Landscaping

Posted on 09 April 2011

Tropical Plants can beautify your Denver home with a look of vacation and a tropical feel.  Many Denver area Nurseries and Garden Centers carry a nice selection of tropical plantings that will survive in your yard as annuals.  Whether or not you decide to save them every year is up to you, based on whether or not you wish to care for them over the winter.  While some palms and ferns need specific exposure requirements, there are many to choose from that will thrive in full sun, partial shade, or full shade.  Tropical plants will make for excellent lighting features as well.  A Simple spotlight that illuminates a palm next to a walkway or entrance will greatly enhance the entire feeling of the yard and make a statement that is different from most of the general Denver area landscapes.

tropical plants in denver landscaping

Tropical Plantings can also make for excellent ways of decorating an annual arrangement and can tower from the center of a nice perennial garden as the prime focus point.  Tropical plants need to be connected to your irrigation system, and depending on the exposure, may require more water than what a standard drip zone provides.  Some full sun tropical plants will need the same watering requirements as the annuals in your yard, which usually need daily watering.  It is usually a good idea to keep an eye on your tropical plant’s water consumption just to be sure that they are thriving and living up to their one – season potential.

Do you have a tropical plants in your landscape?  Denver Landscape Network would like to hear about your design ideas with tropical plantings.

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