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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Posted on 16 January 2011

We all look forward to that time of year again and again – when the weather affords us the comfort to emerge from our homes and get out into the yard to enjoy the summer. It’s that time when your outdoor kitchen replaces your indoor kitchen and the food becomes more festive with the season. Grilling has been a pastime shared by many Americans for centuries, although Outdoor Kitchens have only recently become commonplace within the last decade.

With the increased demand, the outdoor kitchen has evolved into a work of art over the years, with new products from suppliers that have been around for some time, and many new and upcoming companies that are offering outdoor kitchen appliances. With that said, not all appliances are created equally. If it costs twice as much, there’s probably a reason – longevitiy and easy use / maintenance. When considering outdoor kitchen appliances, be sure to consider your options and speak with your installer or contractor in detail about the appliances you are considering. Some lower-end fixtures are more likely to discolor or stain easily and lose their shiny new appearance. Other low-end appliances can develop operating problems, sometimes shortly after the warranty has expired. That said, pick an appliance or fixture from a reputable manufacturer and outlet.

Countertop possibilities for outdoor kitchens will vary with the climate they are installed in. The most durable, granite tends to be the material of choice for kitchens because of its’ density and ease of maintenance. Granite, opposed to some other materials does not have a porous surface and therefore makes cleaning easy. Another options for kitchen countertops is flagstone, which is available in many colors regionally. Some flagstone tends to naturally flake, so it should be avoided for installation. While flagstone is a less expensive option for an outdoor kitchen countertop, it is more porous than granite and cleanup may be more difficult. When using flagstone for this application, be sure that it is sealed annually to protect its’ surface. Tile may also be used for outdoor kitchen countertops, but be sure to select a tile that is suited for your climate. You should also be sure to use a sealer on the tile and the grout to prevent any staining. The sealer should be re-applied annually just like the flagstone to maintain its’ appearance.

Outdoor Kitchens are a rewarding addition to any home and make the outdoors more of an integral part of your lifestyle. They are also a good investment, as many people find outdoor kitchens desireable. An outdoor kitchen will also hold its’ value when you sell your home.

Why not incorporate your garden into your outdoor kitchen experience? Herb gardens can add taste and flavor to your outdoor grilling. You will find that the vegetables that come out of your garden and straight to your grill will taste even better than what you can buy in the store. What you incorporate into your kitchen can make your outdoors even more enjoyable. Why stop with just a built in grill? Add a sink. Add a refrigerator. Add anything that would aid you in your quest to be able to do it all outdoors.

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